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Mar '09

Thursday In The City.

Brother In The City.

Booked Denver this morning before the marketing meeting.

Still need a rental car — and I want it for under $200 the the week, with all the fees. Wish me luck.


Be careful what you ask for. I just forwarded my itinerary off to Dan and his father — and joked to his father that he should lend me is Corvette to the drive to Santa Fe. Not five minutes after sending the email he called to say, “sure, no problem”. Wow!

Guess that’s takes care of the the car problem. I’ll try and track down a photo of it.

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog…

House is starting to get it’s first coat of yellow. Looks like it may take three coats to cover all the scrapping — that, on top of a coat of primer.

Brother Jon shows up sometime late afternoon for an overnight here (or two if he doesn’t come to Olympia to hang with the poker boys). Planned menu is steak, salad, potatoes, wine — standard Uncle Markie fare.



2 Responses to “Thursday In The City.

Brother In The City.”

  1. Melba Toast, NAC Says:

    You’re painting your house yellow! Bless you!

    That’s my color, Melvin Yellow, named by Salle.

    Did you know she’s engaged? Maybe married by now; I can’t reach her by phone..


  2. blue toad Says:

    Mark it is lovely what a uplift!

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