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Mar '09

Inflated Sense Of Past.

Apparently I have an inflated sense of my past. I have no FBI file, or, at least I didn’t before I requested my FOIPA (Freedom of Information Privacy Act) files. Curiosity satisfied.

What does Uncle Markie read, periodical wise (doesn’t count on-line, just what shows up in the mailbox and the front yard):

  • Wall Street Journal
  • Out Magazine
  • Airline Procurement Magazine
  • Money Magazine (added 3-16-09)
  • Popular Mechanics
  • Information Week (added 3-18-09)
  • RV Business Magazine

How’s that for an odd collection.

The original plan for the late afternoon/evening was Josh (carpenter who widened my doorways and put pull-down stairs to the attic) coming over with more bad beer to turn into something else… now postponed until tomorrow due to hang over (his, not mine) — where we will also have Jill.

Leaves me with a steak. Poor me. Tomorrow either chicken or pork, both which came from the bargain bin at Safeway this afternoon.

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