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Mar '09


My 53rd birthday isn’t until late September (the 28th), but on this St. Pattie’s Day Weekend (though the actual day is Tuesday), I’ve booked two weeks in Ireland for my birthday.

So, the title post refers to the flight plan for the trip. Seattle to Chicago to London to Dublin — two weeks +/- on the ground, then back in the air Dublin to Frankfurt to Washington, DC to Seattle.

For 135,000 frequent flier miles (out of the 173,000 or so that I had — including the 13,000 from the purchase of the Jag) I’m in first class for all but the London, Dublin, Frankfurt.

By May of this year, all United’s 767-300 fleet will have their First Suite product:


My fear is that on my return leg that the 777 will be fitted with the old style international first class seats:


The time table for 777 updates is some time this fall… but I can’t tell if this is just a bad photo that doesn’t show the whole configuration or what — time will tell. At least I know the 767 will have been updated as they were the oldest in their fleet.

 On the London, Dublin, Frankfurt portions I’m in something called Connoisseur Class. I’m assuming it’s BMI and Lufthansa’s European Business Class and if so, it sucks. Six across seating the the middle seat replaced with an armrest. Same seat pitch as economy, just free food and booze. Oh well, I think I can handle it for the total of a little over three hours split between two flights.

Dinner tonight with Josh and Jill if everything works as planned. Chicken in a Thai Chili Sauce, salad, rolls, blah, blah, blah.



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