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Mar '09

How To Score That Frequent Flier Award.

I realize that yesterday’s post was all about the seating, an not how to score that illusive frequent flier award — the business or first class seat.

The answer? Pay the $25 fee for a real human on the other end of the phone — even if they are in Bangalore. For the $25 you get access to all of your airlines partner flights as well. In the case of United — that’s all of the Star Alliance Partners, hence, my segment from Heathrow to Dublin on BMI (British Midland) and from Dublin to Frankfurt on Lufthansa.

Second part of the answer? Fly Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday with the best chance on Wednesday — hence, my two week trip. There was nothing (at the cheap saver rate) Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, and on Tuesday it was a code-share with USAirways, which only has two cabins of service (and on domestic first class they use plastic cups).

Third part of the answer? Flexible as to destination. Ireland was my first choice so I could visit Jeff and Mindi (and the two Jameson Distilleries — having done Bushmills in Northern Ireland several years ago). Second choice was Bangkok to visit LekkerDing. Third choice was Sydney, just because it’s Sydney and there are all these WorldMark resorts I haven’t visited yet (most expensive choice from both a miles and a lodging sense).

So, there you have it, my three tips on getting off the continent using miles. Now I’ll go back to figuring out what I’m doing for two weeks in Ireland. Helene has already sent me a list of fun things to do — though Waterford Crystal wasn’t on the list — didn’t they go belly-up?

The day was filled with work (not enough), Gnarlene’s computer woes (too much), and prepping for dinner with Wonderful (just right).

Finally ordered my Leonard Cohen tickets for Red Rocks Amphitheatre — that would be the Colorado/New Mexico trip in late May for the niece graduation/road trip. Many details still to come. Have car, need place to stay in Denver.

That dinner? Fresh sourdough bread (still haven’t perfected the recipe), bone-less country style pork ribs (isn’t that an oxymoron, bone-less ribs), salad and wine. Cocktails at 6 dinner at 7.


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