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Mar '09

St. Pattie’s Day Paperwork.

Yikes! Friday I meet with my accountant. That means it’s time for that once-a-year filing of all the paperwork that has just been stacking up on the floor by the desk. It also means sorting through all the Visa bills, the utility bills (for the percentage of home office deductions), donations, all that mandated IRS stuff. It really isn’t the sort of Man Date that I’d like.

That was the afternoon while Raf worked painting the house (the paperwork):

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This one should really be titled, “A Boy And His Dog”.

The morning was going through the backlog of work for Events and Adventures. It is amazing to have a job that I can do on my schedule rather than a 9-5 (which I am no longer suited for). Hopefully they will keep me around a little longer.

The evening was trying to clean out the refrigerator by eating the bits and pieces of everything from previous meals/recipes — and it worked pretty well for the liquor cabinet as well. Guess that means a restocking run tomorrow morning.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Does a green salad count.


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