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Mar '09

Where Did Wednesday Go?

I’m not sure where Wednesday went… Raf got an amazing full day in of painting (8am-4pm) so the front and back each have one coat, the sides have two coat, and the whole thing needs another coat before we can start on the trim. That would be the “royal” we — meaning Raf, not me. The two sides need the extra coat to help cover the scrape lines.

Not bad considering the weather report was for rain.

Grocery and liquor store runs as I’m out of everything.

Calls to RCI and WorldMark to straighten out account details — must be all that paperwork that I did yesterday that put me in the mood. I even got all the upcoming trips put into envelopes to hold all the various itineraries and tickets. Those would be:

  • 3-21, Bay Area for Alcia’s 50th
  • 4-16, Birch Bay with Marybeth and the kids
  • 5-7, Long Beach with the boys for poker
  • 5-11, Alaska Cruise
  • 5-23, Denver and Santa Fe
  • 9-23, Ireland

I even got the tickets reworked for the Amtrak leg from Vancouver to Seattle after the Alaska cruise.

Dinner with Swanda. I made us steaks, asparagus and salad — typical Uncle Markie meal.

Home and on the couch by 8:30.


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