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Mar '09

Premier Status?

So, my assumption was that this would be the last year that I would have Premier Status on United Airlines having moved most of my flying to Alaska Airlines. And then, today, a note in my in-box… double elite qualifying miles for all flights booked between now and June 15th. I am mulling going to London for a weekend in April… $500 round-trip, and 24.058 Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM), a mere flight to the Bay Area.

If I decide to do it, it means that I will have beaten my old record of $985 (four roundtrips, 8 segments) to get status on Alaska a couple of years ago. Dear, oh dear, decisions, decisions.

What is so special about Premier status on United — Economy Plus seating at no extra charge. You can buy a pass for $350 a year, or fly 25,000 flight miles, or buy a ticket to London for $150 more. But trust me, those extra 4-5″ are critical to having a nice trans-oceanic flight.

And speaking of travel — just logged on to check on my upgrade for my flight to Oakland on Saturday… they bumped me to my favorite seat on Alaska… 1C. My luck is holding! The last trip was $110 round-trip and I ended up in First Class in both directions. This trip was $120 — with at least one direction in first.

But I can’t make a decision tonight.

I do have a photo of the back porch tonight:


But hell, it’s all about dinner. Four lamb chops, some high-heat potatoes, salad, wine.

And now for Barack on Late Night.


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