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Mar '09

London Bound.

Well, before going to the accountant to do taxes, I booked the trip to London. It’s easier that way. Spend money, then find out the tax bill for the year.

What I realized last night is that the 12,000 plus miles I’ll get for that trip will give me enough for a domestic first-class ticket. A bonus. Of course, now I’m wondering if I should go back to London and go for Premier Executive. I think I have a travel disease.

So, because I like my pictures, here is last night’s dinner:


Roasted potatoes, lamb, salad, wine. Life is hard.

Tonight it was more about working on tomorrow night’s dinner for Alicia — shrimp stuffed with crab wrapped in prosciutto, asparagus (with Onyx’s hollandaise sauce), salad, and hopefully some wine….

Tomorrow is supposd to be sunny, maybe more painting.


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One Response to “London Bound.”

  1. Eric Gowins Says:

    Yes, Markie, I think you have a travel disease. You should move to central Kentucky and not travel more than two or three times a year; that way, you could stay around and feed my chickens.