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Mar '09

Happy Birthday, Alicia.

What started out as a calm morning… with Raf and his girlfriend showing up to paint, at noon turned a little crazy.

As I’m trying  to pack to leave at one, a knock comes on the door from the neighbor — over spray on their cars. Shit. At least Raf was there to deal with his mess before Jeremy got home to discover his pride and joy with over spray on it. Maybe I should give him the cover to my Jag.

Finished packing with Raf cleaning up the mess, or so I hope. I’ll need to drop MaryAnn a note on my return. Oy Vey. Just what I need.

Left on schedule for the airport and by 1:30 was sipping a drink in the Board Room. And worrying. Detailing for two cars… let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Three drinks later it’s off to the North Concourse. Alaska Airlines has outgrown it’s space in C and D terminals and is now encroaching on United’s N Terminal.

Flight left a couple of minutes early — and could have been more than that considering we started boarding 45 minutes prior and it’s only a 737-700.

My seatmate in 1A was travelling with a baby less than a year old — she looked relieved when I pulled out my Bose noise cancelling headphones, though in general the kid (Nash, as in the automobile) was a pretty good flier. I’ve had worse adults next to me.

Flight landed on time (amazing with the head winds) and by 6 I was at Mark and Onyx’s place unpacking dinner. Yes, I packed dinner in my carryon:

  • two containers filled with shrimp stuffed with crab rolled in Procuitto (6 each)
  • one container of croutons
  • one container with seven baby orange bell peppers (which I then stuffed with goat cheese and broiled with the seafood bombs)
  • one bag of romaine hearts, 3 heads, two for tonight, one for tomorrow

From Mark and Onyx came the salad dressing from my last visit, and cocktails (scotch for the Marx and Devon when he arrived, pomegranate margarita for Onyx and the girls, Birthday Alicia and Devon’s daughter Maggie). From Alicia and Devon, a couple of bottles of red wine.

The only thing missing? A picture of the before and after:

  • in the container
  • on the broiler pan
  • done
  • served

Oh well. It was a stunning dinner. Not bad for a 50th birthday dinner. The birthday guests left around 10 to head back over the bay, and Mark and I chatted away until well past midnight. Onyx had the sense to go to bed at a more normal time.

Happy Birthday, Alicia.


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