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Mar '09

Greetings From Angels Camp.

Woke up at 10am, crapped, went back to bed until noon. I’m not the spring chicken I used to be. More like a stewing rooster.

After a lovely lunch of scrambled eggs (no leftovers other than cake from last night!) I was on the road a little before two. By four fifteen I was at the check-in desk of the WorldMark Angels Camp for my two bedroom presidential unit.

Presidential? Where is my private hot tub. Two jetted jacuzzi tubs (one in each bathroom, plus a shower in the master) do not count as a hot tub. No flat screen TV’s — these are supposed to be the posh units, and other, more recent, presidential units I’ve stayed in have both those. There is a really nice wrap around deck with loungers (like I’m going to do that in 40 degree weather) and an L-shaped sofa overlooking the golf course.

Judge for yourself:


It’s nice to have an evening by myself, not at home. A nice treat.

Tonight’s movie after the steak on the BBQ on the deck is Schultze Gets The Blues — it’s German. And apparently an award winner — like I know from that.

Review? What’s not to love in a movie that had accordions! Synopsis… German polka accordion player hears Cajun music for the first time and is transformed. He enters the “music club” performance where the winner (but only one person) gets to go to New Braunfals, Texas, which is this odd Bravian town, not unlike Leavenworth, Washington, for their festival. He realizes he doesn’t fit in, buys (or steals) a boat and does the coastal waterway to Cajun country. Oh, and there is a WorldMark there.

That’s the plot — he doesn’t get to play accordion with an Cajun folk, but gets to dance, then dies happily, and the movie is over.

This is why I will never be Paula Kael.

I didn’t cry, but was oddly uplifted by someone following a dream that was so outside their peers “comfort zone”. And if you die, which you will, die happy, doing the things you want to do.

Wow. That’s heavy.

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