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Mar '09

I Should Have Booked Moscow.

Well — I should have booked Moscow — it’s only $9 more than London was. I can’t believe for $520 round-trip you can get from Seattle to Moscow. And with the double EQM (Elite Qualifying Miles) at more than the London trip, I wouldn’t need my short hop flight to make United Premier.

Of course, as Helene points out:

I saw that, but getting a visa is a bitch — imagine trying to recreate every non-profit to which you’ve ever donated — and $$$, and you have to have exact dates and the place you are staying vouch for you. 

Oh well, plans for London are now set. Leave on a Saturday, arrive on Sunday, meet up with my buddy Andy and go for dinner and then a play — “Fucking Men” at King’s Head Theatre in Islington (where Andy lives), and then on Monday I’ll go across town to Linda, Peter, and Claire’s house to hang out and have dinner. I seem to have thrown a spanner (wrench) in Peter’s plan for a leg of lamb on Easter Sunday (which, of course, I didn’t realize when I booked the ticket).

But how is the house painting coming…


Starting to get the green trim applied. Several more days to go.

Tonight is dinner with Kevin and SpaceOtter — black cod marinated in sake lees, a nice salad, some roasted potatoes (still loving that convection oven), add wine, pickle guests, repeat.


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  1. Xrauq Says:

    My Russian coworker tells me if you want to go to Moscow, you have to get some kind of visa which will set you back another $150 to $200