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Mar '09

Everybody Wants To Support The Economy

By Buying Sports Cars.

Another rainy day in Seattle. I should have stayed in Berkeley where the sun was shining. My patience is wearing thin with this damn weather.

Some work, some play today — picked up equipment from Jimmy to work on all that bad beer in the garage, now I have to pick up some more pieces from Home Depot after tomorrow meeting to see if it will all work.

But dinner tonight was actually out — a rarity for me, and someone else paying even more rare.

Dinner conversation was about toys — specifically sports car toys. He wanted a ride in mine and wanted to tell me about the one that his is thinking of…


That would be a Lotus Type 72D Limited Edition — only 50 made. 0-60 in 4.7 seconds, and Jeff knows how to drive. This is the replacement for Bartman — a yellow Lotus which he slammed into a wall on a Portland racetrack… wait, maybe he doesn’t know how to drive (blame the rain on the track).

Want all the details? Check out: http://www.lotuscars.com/type72d.html

I forgot to ask if it comes with the optional hardtop — I know it does come with the drivers helmet and case for it to go into.

Sexy car.


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One Response to “Everybody Wants To Support The Economy

By Buying Sports Cars.”

  1. Eric Says:

    What’s wrong with the beer? And how to you plan to fix it. I don’t think I’d like “fixed” beer.

    We got tulips all over, man. I’ll have to send you a photo.