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Mar '09

25% Off. That Seems To Be The Number.

It was the items on the news (either network or NPR) that caught my attention…. 25% less passport applications than this time last year. So, overseas travel is in the toilet.

While I was listening/watching that news I was opening my mail. 25% off on Cruise West cruises for 2009, plus a $200 per person shipboard credit. Mind you, most of the stuff on Cruise West boats you’d use the credit for is booze. They don’t ding you for a mandatory tip, nor are many of their land tours not included in your cruise price. There is no tip. They pay their employees to do what they do, and probably much better than the “big boats”.

That would also be why they are at the higher end of cruise lines price wise – because most of the stuff is included, rather than the big lines where they nickel and dime you for everything. They have smaller boats (the one I was on was 100 passengers/50 state-rooms.  I kept the coupon, but the coupon code is 4309 if you want to book something this year.

It makes me want to look at what is on offer and whether it applies to their last minute stuff.

But enough about travel, it was Marketing Meeting day so that was most of my focus — that and Raf getting MUCH closer to getting the house painting finished.

Started a batch of beer to better after dinner — wasn’t done until after midnight.


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