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Mar '09

Two Down, Thirty To Go.

Well, buy the end of the evening, the second case of beer was gone through. That leaves the stack in the garage at thirty cases. Does this mean that I”m going to be working on this project for a month?

Details for the trip to London on the 11th are starting to firm up:

  • Leave April 11th
  • Arrive London the 12th
  • Tube to East Hounslow to meet Peter
  • Bus to their house
  • Leg of lamb for Easter Dinner
  • Dinner on the 13th with Andy
  • The Play “Men Fucking” afterwards
  • Back to Peter and Linda’s place
  • Fly home the 14th

How fun to fly back just in time for my dentist appointment. We’ll see how the water-pick-like-thingee on my shower head is helping my gums.

Dinner tonight was supposed to be with Wonderful’s daddies, but one of the daddies’ daddies is in the hospital with serious health issues, but it’s been postponed. Instead, Wonderful came over here for a dinner of ribs, bread and wine — he brought the salad.

A wonderful evening with Wonderful.

After dinner it was an initial look at all of this years scholarship applications. There are 19 applications and they what the top six picks to give them a little more flexibility — like if someone we like already has received a couple of scholarships, they’d choose the next one down. Guess I’d better figure out when I’m going to get a group together to read these things.


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  1. blue toad Says:

    Sounds lighter than your trips:


    April 7:
    Return To Washington
    On Tuesday, April 7, he will return to Washington. He will have visited five nations and logged almost 11,000 miles over the eight day trip.

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