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Mar '09

Falling Behind.

Wow. What happened to Saturday, Sunday, and Monday?

No posts. That hasn’t happened in a while. So here the the recap.

Saturday — Josh came over to assist with the beer project. Funny that this was the shirt that I was wearing — left over from my days at Microsoft. Got one run done.



Sunday — Swanda came to dinner. Lamb ribs. Finally got a batch of the sour dough bread to come out — but am so sick of the process that I used the last of the starter and cleaned the bowl — I’m going back to Challah. Got two runs done.


Monday — Fluffernutter came to dinner. Lamb steaks. Lots of conversation about his upcoming trip to China. Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai — all places that I was on my trip a couple of summers ago, but no boat ride/Three Gorges Dam on his trip for Events and Adventures. Got another run done.


Tuesday (today) — Gnarlene has roped me into helping pick up all the new living room furniture he bought. Personally I’d pay the $90 and have it delivered, especially since it’s raining at the moment.

And considering my weight this morning, I should entertain every night. I think it means I talk more and eat less. Planning on one run today.



2 Responses to “Falling Behind.”

  1. Abby Says:

    You never cease to amaze & delight me. Where do you get all that energy? And you’re into running now? Goodness!

  2. Ticker Says:

    When I went to China about 10 years ago, I was supposed to go on the Three Gorges Cruise but the tour operator cancelled about one week before and we did the Beijing-Xian-Shanghai thing instead. It was too late to rebook anything else. I never did get back for another cruise… Shouldn’t complain I suppose – it was a freebie.

    And what exactly are you doing with the beer? Drinking it all?