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Apr '09

Another Friday. Another Dinner.

Before I go on and on about dinner… here is today’s quote:

Nathan Lane in an interview in the April 2008 Advocate:

How did it feel to be romantically like to Ricky Martin last your on the gossip blogs?

Oh, man. The Ricky Martin thing was hilarious just because we’ve actually never met, but I sure he’s a very nice young man. Yeah, that was probably more flattering for me than for him.

I’d agree with that sentiment.

Here is a better picture of the house, with the sun shining. I had to climb the ladder on the back of SOB (Son of Bob) to get this shot. Click on the image for a larger version.


Yes, it’s a top-down day as they say for my trip to IKEA to pick up the last pieces for the kitchen improvement project.

Dinner tonight was supposed to be Marlin and Swanda…. but Marlin missed his train by four minutes so is on the slower Coast Starlight — I should have told him to inquire about a roomette which comes with piece, quiet, and dinner.

Two runs today. That only leaves twenty cases to go.


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