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Apr '09

That Final Ride.

I’m not sure why I like this so much.


I’m not a big biker (anymore — the BMW R77-7 long gone), not a big fan of caskets (I’m a box and burn kinda guy) — but this is classy. You can read the whole article in the Kansas City Star here. CLICK HERE. In case you are interested. Fallen soldiers, police officers, EMTs, firefighters offered a free ride, all others $500. CLICK HERE for the link to the Last Ride Motorcycle Hearse Company.

Today is furniture moving with Gnarlene. Yesterday we kicked the old couch to the curb yesterday — what a big beast that was! Maybe with label delivery to Jimmy, a run to Home Depot for a plumbing part, hanging the new rack in the kitchen, and dinner at Shanghai Garden with Swanda, Marlin, and Wonderful.

I’d best get to it.


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One Response to “That Final Ride.”

  1. Gnarlene Says:

    Oh,and I do thank ye for the couch help. You may sit upon my new furniture anytime. Someone needs to do a painting. Still life with UM. ha