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Apr '09

Another Sunny Day.

Be Still My Heart.

Wow — two sunny days in a row. How crazy is that for Seattle! Look what it’s done to my lawn:


Guess it’s time to get out the lawn mover…. and the weed-eater, and to get Stewart over here to figure out the whether the chipper has been fixed. Spring is upon us (for the moment).

Tonight Jeff is coming over to show off Mr. T, his new car. I got mine washed so it would look good. Who has the sexiest car?

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Click on the image for the link to the larger one. Here is the amusing fact of our lives — we were lovers in college. I guess there is still some connection, now it’s just cars — much simpler.

Dinner tonight was a slab of dead cow with a bunch of salad.

The new drinks being served at the bar are:

  • Shina Libra
  • Shina Tonic
  • Shina Soda
  • Shina Rocks

Another sunny day predicted for tomorrow.


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One Response to “Another Sunny Day.

Be Still My Heart.”

  1. Melba Toast, NAC Says:

    I think yours is much classier… his is just trying too hard.

    [And it’s ‘sexiER’ unless there are three or more… (like you wanted to know that).]

    Melba Toast