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Apr '09

More Sun. More Clients.

Wow. More Sun.

Wow. Another Client. Another client that I can work on while on the road — though I haven’t figured out how to do that and drive at the same time. That’s it — I need a driver!

London is coming up — time to think about packing. Let’s see — if I change into fresh clothes in London that would be three changes of clothes. I might be able to fit it all into my rolling computer case which would make all the transfers on the other side of the pond much easier.

Dinner tonight was an unexpected on with Wonderful, who dropped by to pass along stuff for the Great Art Party 2009. Guess I’ll have to work on their website tomorrow in the midst of everything else I need to do for current and new clients. Too bad the Great Art Party isn’t a paying account.

That’s enough for now, off to bed.


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