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Apr '09

Poker Sucked. First Doesn’t.

Well — after two months of turning nickels and dimes into quarters… the streak has ended with paper folding money departing my wallet. I figure I’m down $20 at last night’s game.

On the upside, I was actually able to use a combination of paper and electronic upgrade certificates on my Seattle to Washington, DC flight this afternoon. That would be a lunch flight — probably means no ice cream trolley after the meal service. Oh well. Makes up for the $20 I lost last night in food and booze savings.

So, the routing is Seattle, Washington, London. I arrive a little after 10am tomorrow local time and have to get an Oyster card with 20 pounds on it for transportation, and then make my way to Peter and Linda’s place. They won’t be home yet from Easter Sunday services (she’s a Unitarian minister, and he is helping supervise the Easter Egg Hunt after the service).

I’m thinking sleeping on the DC to London leg. All the liquor from the Seattle to DC flight, a little Ambian, strap on the noise cancelling headphones and zone out. I have a bulkhead aisle seat in Economy Plus so at least no one will be putting their seat down into me.

That’s it for today’s short blog entry. Got to get one more drink into me before I board the plane.

Tomorrow: Dateline London

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