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Apr '09

Dateline: London.

Well — the flights went well, I went with the roast beef sandwich and soup, but the chicken breast over lettuce looked better. And no Chivas Regal at all on the domestic leg. At least they had Chivas in Economy on the London leg. I used it to wash down the Ambian.

No strip search at customs and between Transport for London and Linda’s directions I had a 20 Pound Oyster card (bus/tube) pass and was at the house a little after 11 — plenty of time for a shower and a nap. Even had time to stop at the store and pick up a pink of scotch and a Diet Coke.


I’ve got a room off the garden and am hoping the cat doesn’t like me. I’d hate to wake a a cat on my face.

Tonight is leg of lamb and a faux Beef Wellington for Linda the vegetarian.

[98 kilos]

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  1. Debora Boldridge Says:

    What a gorgeous place! Thanks for your note…it came today. MO went much better than I had expected, we had a wonderful time minus the rain/snow/tornadoes/sleet….and LIGHTNING! Angelica loved it. Thanks for the donation to the ARC. You are too wonderful for words. Let me know when you are ready to come to SD for a visit! Enjoy!

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