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Apr '09

Hampton Court Palace.

Got to sleep in… until 8:30 this morning. Yahoo. ThanksĀ to Ambien I slept through the night. No jet-lag.

Today’s adventure is a walk along the Thames into downtown Richmond so see Linda’s church, then onto the bus to Hampton Court Palace.

Here is a lovely shot of my in the dining room of Henry VIII’s apartment:

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If you want to see the entire album of photos, here is the link:

My friend Spin showed up, and off to the cafe we went for lunch. Tempted by the fish and chips, I restrained and went for the Beef and Ale Pie with a mixed green salad. Linda had a cheese and piccadilly sandwich, Andy the Beef and Ale Pie with the mashed potatoes and mushy peas (their name, not mine), and wee Claire had a sugar and lemon pancake.

With a split of wine in us (Spin and I) we all set out to explore the palace. Tons of people since it’s Easter Monday — but the upside are all sorts of actors playing roles, and the kitchens were showing traditional food preparation. Sort of like a British version of Henry Ford Village in Dearborn.

Wonderful leftovers for dinner tonight — which will be early since I have to be at the bus stop at 7am to make my flight from Heathrow at 10:35am. Ick.

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2 Responses to “Hampton Court Palace.”

  1. Melba Toast, NAC Says:

    How fitting!! It’s so ‘you’! Looks like you’re having good weather there, too. Tonight it was raining blobs of slush again. Sigh. Smuggle us in some sunshine when you come back; look for it in the duty-free shops…

    Happy Trails,

  2. Ticker Says:

    It’s piccalilli dear, not Piccadilly. The former is crunchy and spicy, the latter seedy and damp.
    Have a great flight back!