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Apr '09

That Thursday Meeting, And Travel.

After this morning’s meeting the “to-do” list is growing, growing, growing. Lot’s of stuff to get off the plate before next week’s meeting — and once again, on the road sampling WorldMark resorts in Birch Bay and Vancouver.

Made it on the road by 2pm, with, as much as I can tell, everything I need for the next four days. That would be:

  • Most of a cow
  • Most of a vineyard
  • Most of a corn field in liquid form
  • Most of a potato field
  • Most of a bakery

I should have taken a shot of one person filling a rolling trolley checking in.

After another comment on my voice track on videos, I offer a tour of the current unit I’m in.


Marybeth and kids (some her’s, some not) show up tomorrow afternoon after my “owner re-education camp” at noon tomorrow.

Steak for dinner tonight — and more steak tomorrow — lamb roast on Saturday night. Off to Vancouver on Sunday.


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