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Apr '09

Birch Bay Bounty.

It was a long night with the folks upstairs partying until three. It didn’t help that the hot tub was not up to temperature — I figured it was that it was new and just warming up, but at noon it was still tepid. Call number two to maintenance (call number one was the ice maker last night).

Had to run into Blaine to try and find a USB to mini-USB cable to charge my phone — forgot it (one of like 20 I have). Got a nice one with lots of adapters, mini, micro, A, B. And two 1 gig micro SD cards with adapters ($40 marked down to $8), and a twelve pack of Diet Coke. Rite-Aid — who would ahve thought.

Owner re-education at 12:30. Liquor store run with the proceeds at 1:30.

Lots of billable hours before MaryBeth and the kids (one hers, one not) showed up a little after 5. I couldn’t believe that those two twig thin 14-year-old girls plowed through 1-pound rib steaks. Baked potatoes, salad, wine, and Wonderful for dessert.

Wonderful will be reading scholarship applications tomorrow with MaryBeth, John Weber, and me. Nineteen applications to read this year. Fun.

The movie for the night — after call number three to maintenance because the signal was fuzzy, which they couldn’t fix tonight — was the 1967 version of Casino Royale. It wasn’t until we watched making of the movie that it came out that we figured out why the movie was so dysfunctional. Try four directors, and actors fighting with other actors and leaving the movie half way through. It felt like each of the four directors did a quarter of the film.

Thankfully, no noisy neighbors tonight.

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