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Apr '09

A Day In The City.

Got out of Birch Bay a little before noon and by 12:30 I was across the border with a bottle of scotch on the front seat.

A quick call to Tom and Stephen and a lunch date it set for Red Burrito — yummy, quick, but no Visa/Mastercard so Tom had to pay with his Canadian dollars.

After lunch I took a tour around Hummingbird and BamBam’s burnt out house that has finally started to be worked on:

Got checked into the WorldMark at The Canadian a little after three:

A quick trip to the wine store across the street and to the IGA for salad stuff and I’m ready for dinner company.

BamBam arrived at 6 for a wonderful steak dinner on TV trays since the unit doesn’t have a dining room. Much conversation before he had to catch the last bus home. I offered him the other bedroom (or mine) but with a pile of cats at home if was more important to not return to a disaster.

Oh well.

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One Response to “A Day In The City.”

  1. Curt Says:

    Beautiful accommodations in my favorite cosmopolitan city. What were they thinking (!!) about the view from the master bedroom versus the small bedroom. You definitely chose the right one to inhabit. Can’t wait for the Olympics in 2010 and our Vancouver/Whistler getaway.

    — Curt