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Apr '09

More Test Results.

And Dinner With Jonathan.

Fuck, I’m not going to die anytime soon….

Here are the results from my doctor’s appointment yesterday… yes, test results in a little over 24 hours. I like them already!

So, here are the results (and his comments):

Your cholesterol looks fine.  Some values are elevated, but you were not fasting for these labs so this is fine.


Triglycerides: 264 (goal < 150)

Total Cholesterol: 214 (goal < 200)

HDL “good” cholesterol: 46 (goal > 40)

LDL “bad” cholesterol: 115 (goal < 130)


Your glucose was 183 (like to see that below 100), but again you were not fasting.  Your other labs looking at your kidneys and liver were normal.


Your tests for HIV and syphilis were both negative and the test we did for your prostate was also normal.  All good news.

So — apparently I’m not checking out any time soon. Damn. Guess I’d better get that DNR necklace for myself. (Inside Joke). And to think what I drink!

So — work today. Checks signed, cashed, spent. Yard mowed and trimmed. Dinner cooked for Jonathan (Fillet Mignon, Lamb, Chicken, Beans, Salad, Bread, Wine).

Finished a nice run through the equipment tonight, god I love cleaning the new machine.


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And Dinner With Jonathan.

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