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Apr '09

Plans Upon Plans.

Well — it seems that the Denver/Santa Fe trip in late May has sorted itself into the following:

  • Wednesday morning – Seattle-Denver on Alaska airlines
  • Wednesday afternoon –Dan’s father picks me up at the airport and gives me the keys to his Corvette
  • Wednesday evening – WorldMark Taos in a one-bedroom (it’s on the grounds of the Fechin)
  • Thursday – check out at noon, hopefully tour the Fechin
  • Thursday afternoon – check into the WorldMark Santa Fe (maybe with a visit to the parents if time permits)
  • Thursday evening – Emily’s graduation and dinner
  • Friday morning – revel in having space to myself
  • Friday mid-day – check out, and lunch with Aunt Nancy if I’m invited
  • Friday evening – parents for dinner? Where is the dance for Karen? Certainly sleeping at the parents if there is room
  • Saturday – the Greek Graduation Gala – so Emily is going into a sorority?
  • Sunday – head back to Denver to return the car and hang out with Dan, his brother, father, Sean and his family, and go see Leonard Cohen at Red Rocks on Tuesday night before heading home on Wednesday.

So, that is my week split between Denver, Taos, and Santa Fe.

Today, I also booked (yet another) trip to the Bay Area for the weekend following all the stuff above. Actually booked First Class since it was 30% off. Three times what I’m paying for the trip this weekend, but $110 round-trip is so low that it won’t happen again.

Spent tons of time today reworking the house computers to deal with a Shirts of Bamboo email server change which meant re-setting-up my Gmail and Events and Adventures accounts on those machines as well.

Now if I could only bill for that!

Dinner tonight (after an afternoon beer run) was steak and salad. Working through the groceries before I leave town tomorrow, it’s eggs and toast for breakfast.

For tomorrow’s flight I have my favorite Alaska seat: 1C

Life is good.


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