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Apr '09

A Beautiful Day To Fly.

Try as I might to get out of the house by noon, the computer gods were against me. It took half an hour for the3 computer to install updates before it would shut down. At least the flight wasn’t until three thirty — but I did want to get to the board room while there was still soup.

Dropped the car off with the valet at MasterPark along with instructions to hand wash the exterior and deal with vacuuming and cleaning the glass on the inside. $40. ($25 for just the hand-job on the outside).

Today I’m off to Northern California, Berkeley to be specific, but flying into Oakland.

Flight was a little bit early, but I’m getting tired of that high-fat snack basket that they pass around — or maybe I’m just getting tired of not turning down the salami and cheese.

By 6pm I was at the boys and having cocktails. Dinner tonight is large steaks done on the grill, and kale stir fried up with bacon… yum. In addition to the shine I packed, I also brought a 1999 Bonny Doon le Cigare Volant — which went perfectly with the steaks.


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