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Apr '09

Berkeley Sunny Sunday.

26hat a glorious day to be inside working on getting the laptop tweaked to perfection. Luckily the 26 downloaded updates take time to install so I can go out on the deck and sit in the sun and read the New Yorker.

The boys are working about the house and I’m working in the basement. All is well.

Tonight we are getting take-out from a local Ethiopian restaurant — damn good, though I’m expecting “ring of fire” in the morning. For those of you who don’t know the concept of Ethiopian food — it is served on the thin round pieces of spongy bread know as injera which is also used to pick up the food. Typically you would get several dishes and share. For our dishes it was this raw beef thing, a couple of orders of a lentil stew, something with chickpeas, or maybe yellow lentils, a kale dish, and a chicken dish.

I guess I should have take a picture of how nicely Onyx arranged the platter.

Interested? Here is the website: http://www.addisethiopian.com/

In other news, my upgrade came through for tomorrow’s flight back to Seattle — though not as good as I’d like. 1A (window) rather than 1C (aisle).

Poor me.

[feeling chunky]

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  1. Swanda Says:

    Congrats on making it to your 1,000th posting! Oh my goodness…cannot believe it. Do we get frequent flyer miles for reading along on your travels.

    Cheers, Swanda

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