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Apr '09

What’s Uncle Markie Reading?

On this last trip, just completed, to the Bay Area, I finished all the magazines and I started working on the back log of thicker reading material.

First on the list… the book I printed out in January and it’s now the end of April: World At Risk (The Report of the Commission on the Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism). Actually I got half way through it on the plane and it is good reading, if not exactly uplifting. Download a copy HERE.

So, that’s how I spent my flight from Oakland back to Seattle this afternoon — well, and with scotch on the rocks and a stoic seatmate. Trip up was good — free Wi-Fi in the Oakland airport, great fish tacos, what more can you ask.

Luckily the predicted rain didn’t get me on the way home — I even put the top down — and it was nice to pick up a car that had been detailed.

Dinner at home had no vegetables — the problem of getting home after six. Steak and Zinfandel.

Rest of the evening spent dealing with email needing files off the server. Many clients, many problems.

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