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Apr '09

How To Save The Economy.

So, from my dear friend Ticker comes the following concept of how to save the economy… though it may not be original to him, I really like the idea. I’ve taken some liberties with it, but the basic gist is intact. And it’s cheaper than any other proposal I’ve seen at a mere $40 trillion dollars.

How to save the economy in 90 days….

There are 40 million people who are over 50 working today.

Give one million dollars to each and every one of them with these three conditions (and by the way, that million would be net, after taxes):

  1. Quit their job. Forever. Instant result (besides chaos), 40 million job vacancies (assuming we all quit en mass). Unemployment solved.
  2. Buy a new car, either American produced (that means lots of Toyota’s and Nissan cars) or American owned (meaning Ford’s European models, Volvo). Automobile manufacturers and their suppliers saved.
  3. Buy a house or pay off your mortgage. Banking crisis solved — they’d be awash in cash.

Sounds good to me. A million clams to stop collecting a paycheck — imagine what it would do for the volunteer positions with all those type A folks needing something to throw themselves into.

So, other than that… I have a great picture from last night’s dinner. This is what happens with loose batter in a convection oven… with the strong hot air swirling around. Slightly suggestive corn muffins.


Yes, they were weird, but tasty.

Dinner tonight was the leftover chicken over greens. And a little wine as well, but that isn’t out of the norm.


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  1. Melba Toast Says:

    Markie, those muffins are just WRONG… just WRONG…