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May '09

Latkes And Tequila.


Stayed up way too late, got to bed at 2am — meaning a 10am start to the day with Ross snoozing in the guest bedroom/office. So much for getting to Helene’s by noon for the start of the much postponed “Tequila and Latke Party To Celebrate Chanukah”

Yes, that would be the holiday normally celebrated in the November/December time frame. Snow storms cancelled both previous attempts so she just moved it to spring instead.

There was tequila, but no latkes were to be found this time of year — and Helene isn’t the “from scratch” latke person, but more in the way her grandmother made them: “out of the box”.

Still it was a good time, ended up staying until after 5 and then swinging by Jimmies to drop off some parts — even declined an invitation to dinner. Still tired from the night before and drinking wine for most of the afternoon.

I went home, fixed dinner, collapsed on the couch.

No pictures for you folks today — don’t feel bad, you got three yesterday.


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