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May '09

Last Sunny Day For Awhile.

I do believe that today is the last sunny day for the storms headed in after dinner with power outages and whatnot further north. Oh well, spring was nice.

The Colonel (one of two) sent me a much better picture of a B-17….


Though the actual one that I had a chance (if I was willing to pay) was this one….


If you want to fork over $430 for a ride, check out their website at: http://www.libertyfoundation.org/index.html. No clue how long the flight is.

For me today, just working, running errands, and starting to pack for the two upcoming back-to-back trips. 4 days on the Washington Coast in Long Beach playing poker with the boys in a 3-bedroom presidential condo on the water, and then back to Seattle to catch my flight to Fairbanks for a 13-day land/cruise package.


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