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May '09

Overseas Visitor.

Today’s news is that this evening, Tokyo Dave makes a brief appearance in town on his way back to Tokyo from San Francisco, then St. Louis. All his visit did was to remind me that it’s been too long since I’ve gone to visit my friends in Tokyo.

The downside was that he didn’t get in until almost 9 — his flight was 45 minutes late, and he had luggage, though it was the second bag on the belt. Pretty amazing that United Airlines is down to one dedicated baggage belt, and sharing another one with Alaska.

The day was filled with work and figuring out how to maximize my Alaska Airlines EQM (Elite Qualifying Miles) with their offer of Double EQM AND Double Miles on flights taken before the 30th of June in all ticket classes other than their Hot Deal fares.

Guess where I’m going just to get my Alaska MVP status next year?

EWR — I’ll let you all look up that airport code. Six hours out, hour on the ground, six hours back. It will be a little under $400 (rather than the $300 Hot Deal fare) but it’s still worth it. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get upgraded, though that is less likely on their long haul flights.

And that is what MVP status is all about — getting FREE first class upgrades.

Add some packing for the two upcoming trips and the day is done.


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