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May '09

My World Today.

Lining Up The Ducks.

Stayed up late last night chatted with Tokyo Dave… so the morning came early.

With his flight at 1pm and a little shopping to be done before, it was out of the house by 10am. No Jaguar for the run to the airport today (did it last night between rain clouds) but the Mommy Van instead. In the shopping run I saw a wonderful Mercedes factory limosine. Didn’t get a picture of the white one I saw, but did find a picture of a black one:


Pretty isn’t it….

But I digress. Lot’s of work yesterday and today on trademark infringement stuff — not my favorite, but it does pay the bills. Got the rest of the packing done for the trips with the exception of the booze for the Alaska trip (and I did pack the “Beer Belly”).

The highlight of the day is dinner with Helene and Jonathan and a bunch of champagne. We are celebrating Helene getting laid off yesterday. Yes, celebrating. Think big severance package for her fourteen years of work which doesn’t include to the two paid months off and all the vacation, and extended health benefits.

Now this is good news because she can now take the summer off while transitioning her life to Canada, which she was going to have to do this fall to keep her landed immigrant status.

Yes, a reason to celebrate.


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One Response to “My World Today.

Lining Up The Ducks.”

  1. Helene Says:

    Fall 2010 is when I need to be in Canada full time and employed. But, this is still great thing 🙂