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May '09

Work, Then Drive, Then Play.

Up at a little after 8, and out of the house by 9:30 headed to the office for the weekly marketing meeting to find out we are opening another branch bringing us to six branches. Guess that means I’d better get them ready for getting another press release out to all the markets announcing out expansion as the economy contracts.

Left the office at noon, stopped for a sandwich and a tank of gas for the mommy van and headed to Olympia to pick up Rich. Final destination: The Presidential 3-bedroom Condo at the WorldMark Long Beach, Washington.

Today’s picture is of me working at the granite topped bar in the kitchen.

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Ross and Curt arrived a little after 7pm — they detoured through a DNR site for an unannounced visit — and dinner was served a little after 8pm.

Dinner, you ask (even if you didn’t)… racks of lamb all the way around thanks to Rich’s BBQing skills (one of the few I trust around a grill!), salad, bread, wine, song.

Not a bad way to live.


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