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May '09

Pre-Thanksgiving Turkey.

What a breakfast! Eggs Benedict from scratch. A group effort (well, not from me or Curt). And a choice of Bloody Mary or Mimosa for morning wake-up call (after the coffee).

I didn’t get my nap in today — but I did track down a rotisserie for the BBQ and took a walk on the beach to look at the whale bone exhibit… what hasn’t been lifted from it. I did get some nice shots of the condo from the beach:

The photo collection also includes some from Ross, who is going with me to Alaska next week.

After the walk it was work and some steak fajitas made from last nights leftovers while I defrosted the turkey in the sink. Who would have thought — four days in the fridge and still frozen in the center.

Many false starts before I finally got the infrared burner on the BBQ to work. For the rub, just a little olive oil and Italian seasonings. It being a little over 8 pounds, most of the stuff I found on line for rotisserie turkey that would be like 4 hours — Rich thinks closer to 2.5.

At 125 degrees on the infrared I’m sticking to the 4 hour mark.

With the turkey on it’s time for poker. Luckily Curt brought my change which I left at his place last month.

More later, or not.

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