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May '09

Long, Long, Long Day.

Yikes what a long day.

  • Up at 8am
  • Finish packing.
  • Finish straightening up the house.
  • Take the lift off the Mommy Van.
  • Bug Ross to get here early.
  • Move the RV so Gnarlene can borrow it.
  • Mow where the RV used to be.
  • Worry about Ross arriving in time.
  • Give Gnarlene a lesson in how to run SOB (Son ob Bob)
  • Harangue Ross when he shows up at 2:30pm
  • Leave for the airport at 3pm
  • Check four bags between us (plus the carry-on)
  • Arrive Boardroom for cocktails 3:30pm
  • Leave Ross in the Boardroom at 5:15pm so I can board early
  • Watch 20 people in wheelchairs and scooters pre-board
  • Settle into seat 1D
  • Abandon bad movie (Office Work?)
  • Switch to the Simpsons
  • More Scotch please.
  • Arrive Fairbanks
  • Last luggage off the carousel
  • Call for shuttle
  • Arrive at hotel before the masses from the Holland America bus
  • Eat fish and chips which were really good
  • Have a second Manhattan
  • Head to the room for a nightcap


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