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May '09

Bus, Train, Bus, Pretty Dump.

Another forced march day.

  • Bags out the door at 6
  • In the lobby by 7 (luckily I’d bought food for breakfast the night before)
  • By 8 we are on the McKinley Explorer (that would be a train)
  • Rest and sight-see for four hours
  • Afternoon free.

Picture of said train:



The disasters started before lunch.


Disaster number one — lots of faulty cardkeys, and no ice machines working


Disaster number two – lunch. No, we don’t serve wine. Ross’ comment “An opportunity to sell you something with a high mark-up and they are missing it?”


Disaster number three – dinner. No, the upscale restaurant on the property isn’t open yet for the season despite be told at lunch it would be


Disaster number four – off property choices, pizza, or the quality-lacking salmon bake


Disaster number five – dinner at the café on property. Gee – 4 of the 7 entrees on the menu are sold out at 7pm.Look, now they serve wine!


Disaster number six — wow, now they don’t have any power. Guess we’d better eat what is hot already. Ross went for the buffet – I went with the Prime Rib and the manager competed f glasses of wine (though I’m sure he only meant to comp the first two).


Gee – with no alarm clocks in the room, what do you think the chance of us getting a wake up call promptly at 5am – yes, 5am, for another forced march tomorrow. Will that be tommorrow’s disaster?


The McKinley Chalet Resort certainly isn’t really ready to be open.


Why do I feel a letter coming on…. “As a shareholder of your holding company, Carnival Cruise Lines, I have the following to share with you…..”


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