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May '09

More Of Those Damn Mountains.

Spent the day cruising up and down the College Fjord Glacier region. Here is a little video from the deck of my cabin (assuming I can get it uploaded!)

And from our in-room Maxi-Bar some recipes you can make without paying for mixers… the trick? Order extra things on the breakfast menu… like orange juice for a screwdriver, grapefruit juice for a greyhound, tomato juice for a bloody mary (with the pepper from breakfast as well), cranberry juice (and lemon from the ice tea bar) for a cape codder, and my favorite, the Holland America Room-made banana dacquiri… half a banana – using the juice glass inserted into the rocks glass to mash the banana, add half and half from the coffee bar, and a shot of moonshine, and mix away. Refrigerate, add a little ice, and drink.

Think of it like being in prison and having to heat up your can of Vienna Wieners under running hot water from the sink.

Tonight is the first of two dress up nights. Will it be a fur night, or will we save that for later this week.

The answer is – it is fur night. I can’t wait to see the pictures from the ship’s photographer as we neglected to get any ourselves. Just imagine two big white guys in matching black pants, open collared white tux shirts, and matching champagne minks.

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