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May '09

Welcome To Haines, Alaska.

We pulled into dock sometime this morning before I was out of bed. Not surprising, that.

Another dreadful night of trying to keep me warm and my travelling companion cool. Flying home from Juneau tomorrow is looking better and better.

It does occur to me that I haven’t actually showed you the broken down ship that we are sailing on. This would be the Holland America Statendam anchored in the harbor in Haines:

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My original plan was to go catch the fast ferry to Skagway, but at the cost of $70 roundtrip… well, there are better things to spend my money on:

  • A half pint of Jack Daniels ($10) — fits in the front pocket so I can get it on board and through security
  • A six-pack of Diet Coke Caffeine Free ($5)
  • A day’s worth of high-speed (384K) at the local library ($7)

I hiked around town to check out the other Internet place which is at the far end of town (which is all walkable) — and slower, and much more expensive at $3 for 15 minutes. Of course I had to wait until the library opened to have a place to plug in and sign in. Meant that I went back to the ship for an early lunch, and then back up the hill.

I’m even managing to get in some billable hours, and I guess I’d better get to that!

Tonight is our dinner at the Pinnacle Grill, the $20 up-charge restaurant. We will see if it’s worth it.

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