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May '09

Juneau. Not The Day I Was Expecting.

We got into Juneau around 8am this morning… about the same time that breakfast was coming to the room.

Ross is headed to do some jet-boat/zip-line/rapelling shore excursion and I am off to visit my friend since my late teens, Monica.

I figured we would just hang out, shoot the shit, maybe see the husband and kid units. Not exactly.

First there was the walking tour of non-tourist Juneau. First stop? Sarah’s house. That would be Sarah Pallin. And this would be me in front of the governors mansion:


 Next it was off on a couple mile hike to see if we could find some bears on the hillside… not. But it was a lovely walk. All those pictures will be uploaded at some point, hopefully after I post this, so click on yesterdays scroller bar.

Back to the house for a light snack waiting for husband unit to get off work so we can load the truck, drive to the marina, and pick up his boat for a little cruise to a marina on the north end of town (they are headed to Elfin Point for the long Memorial Day weekend).


He also topped off the tanks — 96 gallons of diesel for each of the two tanks. Ouch.

The run to the other marina was a little over an hour — time for Husband Unit and I to catch up since it had been ten years!

After gas we tie up to a fishing trawler (and I probably have that name wrong) that belongs a friend of Husband Unit that also employs his kids during the summer. There are some interesting videos from that visit.

And let me tell you — a couple of drinks on an light lunch and luckily I don’t have to drive back. Thank you Mitch for the ride back to the harbour filled with three large cruise ships and on CruiseWest ship.

Back to the boat a little after 4pm — WOW, talk about whirlwind tour — makes me want to come back, and not on a cruise ship.

Tonight is dress up night number two. Time to get the tuxedo out.

Look for the pictures tomorrow.

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