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May '09

Hit The Ground Running.

Today was just getting things put back together after two weeks away from home.

Left camp a little after 10am, dropped someone off in Bell Town and headed home to deal with the stack of mail (8″), an overgrown lawn (more than 8″ in some places), and a little grocery shopping since there is nothing in the house except moonshine, diet coke, and condiments.

Didn’t get much actually billable work done, but all the ducks are in a row for the morning. But the laundry is done, the bag for Denver is 90% packed, the transportation from the airport is arranged (and I got a coupon for cut rte parking at the airport in my credit card bill).

Dinner was a quiet affair — just some baked chicken breasts and coleslaw. Mix with a little red wine — savor.

No more pictures for a day or two.

[221.7 — but mid-day]

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