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May '09

My Bags Are Packed.

I’m Ready To Go.

Lot’s of loose ends to tie up before taking off for Denver tomorrow.

  • Blog reports to catch up on
  • Paycheck to pick up and deposit
  • Room to reserve for Gnarlene in San Francisco ($177 .20 for three nights just off Union Square — and air is $119.20 on Virgin America, United and Alaska for a vacation total of $300 for 4-days/3-nights with money left over for the BART fare)
  • Thank you notes to redo for E&A
  • Letters in the mail:
    1. Monica – return map I forgot to leave in the truck in Juneau
    2. Steve in the slammer – what’s been up the last two weeks
    3. Holland America to complain about various problems with the last trip
    4. Clippings for mom, Curt, Jill, Linda
    5. Thank you note to the limousine company that picked me up at the train station
  • Run to Safeway for six more bottles of Ravenswood Vintners Blend Zinfandel ($6.25 each) to qualify for a $30 rebate on a case — making it really cheap good wine
  • Finish packing – carry on only
  • Print out boarding pass (seat 1F — yes, my record of always getting an upgrade on Alaska Airlines is holding)
  • Fill paperwork for the “Fire Hydrant Refund” that Seattle Public Utilities is offering because of illegal billing from 2002-2004

Upcoming schedule:

  • Wednesday: Seattle-Denver-Taos
  • Thursday: Taos-Santa Fe
  • Friday: Santa Fe
  • Saturday: Santa Fe
  • Sunday: Santa Fe-Denver
  • Monday: Denver
  • Tuesday: Denver and Leonard Cohen at Red Rocks
  • Wednesday: Denver-Seattle (wish me luck on the upgrade)

Dinner tonight are some pinwheel steaks with sliced tomatoes — oh, and that red stuff from Napa.

[222.7 – ouch — it’s true about those 6 pounds per cruise]

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I’m Ready To Go.

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