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May '09

Santa Fe: Day Three.

I have finally figured out Internet access at my parent’s house. No — it isn’t gloaming onto the neighbor’s signal like my brother does — it is attaching the cell phone to my computer and making it the modem.

My day:

  • Wake at 8:30 to avoid moving furniture for the party
  • Two slices of rustic loaf (my mother’s favorite) toast for breakfast
  • Drive into town with the top down
  • Shop at the outlet stores on Cerrillos for black chinos
  • Hit all the stores and buy two pairs of pants — one olive and the other kakhi, but only spend $21 for both
  • Spend $30 on sushi and nigori saki for lunch
  • Strike out at Jackalope for a gift for Dan’s father who lent me the Vette

Party at 4 — my nap is interrupted at 3 because the party maven needs my help lifting and organizing stuff. It only happens once for each child.

At 5 I return to my parent’s house for a “to-go” cup of scotch on the rocks. Good idea. Several other people engage in the Fresca and Vodka, or merely the beer in the glass to get through the “dry” party. It seems that there was an “incident” with kids in the house and booze so it’s a dry graduation party.

Weird to be in a place with that many testosterone challenged kids.

By 9 we (and some of the guests) are back at my parents house hanging out and getting ready for bed. Lot’s of chatting and hanging out. Not a bad way to end an evening.

I have to be up at 8 and out at 9 to return the Vette and meet Dan and Lisa at George’s place. I’m ready to go.

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