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May '09

Dateline: Denver

Up a little before 8, out the door at straight up 9am. Earlier than I like, but it’s a six hour drive to Denver from Santa Fe.

An uneventful trip with the exception of the “Change Oil” light coming on around the New Mexico/Colorado border. A quick call to George confirmed that is wasn’t a problem — but I think he was happy that I was concerned enough to call.

I got to the Ramada on Tower Road at 3pm, filled up the ice bucket, poured myself a drink, checked email and headed over to George’s to return the Corvette at 4.

The kids were napping when I got there, but the sound of the Corvette brought them to life.

Dinner was Delmonico steaks on the grill, some beans, and some potatoes…. and a lovely St. Suprey Cabernet that Dan brought. Yum.

Tomorrow I think we will hit the DAM (Denver Art Musuem).

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