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Jun '09

Sweet Home Seattle.


There, I said it — like you all didn’t know that.

It just screws up my sleep schedule and makes me cranky. Example:

  • Up at 5am with a wake-up call
  • 5:30 downstairs shit/shaved/showered for breakfast
  • 6am shuttle ride to the airport
  • 6:45am Continental President’s Club having a Cape Cod or two
  • 7:45am One the plane for a scone and yogurt and another Cape Cod
  • 8:45am Sleep for another hour
  • 10:30am Leave the garage and head home
  • 11:00 nap for an hour
  • 1:00 lunch
  • 2: nap for an hour
  • 4:30 drive to the dry cleaners to drop off Alaska trip shirts
  • 5:00 news and dinner with Swanda
  • 8:30pm back to bed

It’s hard to get billable hours in with that schedule.


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One Response to “Sweet Home Seattle.”

  1. Melba Toast Says:

    There, there, Markie. I know it’s crappy. Glad to know you’re back home again.

    Doing a new blog: clairvoyanthealing.blogspot.com

    Only two posts so far but writing it is really good for me.

    Melba Toast, N.A.C.