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Jun '09

Meeting Cancelled.

Well, the standard marketing meeting every Thursday has been cancelled. Or rather, postponed until tomorrow. At 8:30am.

Didn’t I just do a post on early morning stuff. Is it karma?

Spent the day billing hour, running errands, and generally getting my life ready to leave town again on Saturday for the Bay Area. Looks like a little work down there along with Santa Cruz Pride and a faerie pool party — does faerie pool party mean no suits? Will take the speedo just in case.

Dinner was roasted chicken over salad. The wine was a Ravenswood Zin that I then tried out the new accessory Goerge gave me — the vine cork with the attachment cord that attaches to the vacuum food sealer.

Guess I’d have to let it set for several days to see if it really works, but with Dancing Bear coming for a work/play dinner tomorrow, guess that’s out.

At least most of the Summer Gathering call is printed alone with being posted on web, makes DB only a week late which is good for him. It’s kind of relaxing knowing I’m not going.

Into bed at 11pm tonight. Ambian will control the tossing and turning so I wake up to the alarm refreshed.

[215.8 — bye bye cruise weight gain]

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