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Jun '09

Alarm Clock Day.

Nothing like starting the day out with an alarm clock.

I love Swanda’s comment — I hate meetings that run over an hour. Here, here.

The upside is that it does allow for more things to be done during the day. After the meeting it was off to the bank to put my paycheck in, grab a little lunch, stop by Office Max for a toner cartridge that they were out of so I ended up buying an 8gig mini-SD card for $20 ($60 marked down to $30 and a $10 off coupon), then off to Arvey/xPedX for the print cartridge where it was actually cheaper ($149.95 compared to $136.95, and I had a $5 off coupon).

Home was finishing up the printing of the summer call which Swanda hates the typeface to which my answer is that it makes people slow down and absorb the material. Well, that’s my woo-woo answer.

More billable hours in the afternoon looking for office locations in the Bay Area.

Evening was taken up with dinner and a movie with Dancing Bear, the Queen Registrar for the summer gathering. Pork chops, roasted red potatoes, salad, and wine on the back deck.

Off to Berkeley tomorrow. Maybe I’ll get some pictures to spice up these posts.

Still no answer on where/when we are going for Jonathan’s birthday cruise. Thinking Alaska (again) late August. Got a card in the mail from Holland America (a nice A-6 card in matching envelope) saying they received my letter of complaint and they are looking into it. Nice touch using a thank-you note size card.

[220.8 — apparently the cruise weight it back]

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