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Jun '09

Lunch Is Served.

Up at 8am, out of the house and headed for the airport at 9:30. Through security by 10 and headed for the Board Room for breakfast.

Once again — I have an Alaska flight leaving from the North Terminal. It says a lot about the fortunes of Alaska Airlines and United Airlines… the North Terminal used to be exclusively United and now Alaska has 4 gates there — out of the 16 total. Ouch.

The noonish flight to Oakland is the one with a real lunch, albeit a light one. The rest of the afternoon flights have an annoyingly high-fat snack basket up in first class. Today’s lunch was a salad with non-fat dressing, mini-pita bread filled with hummus and a wrapped Fran’s Chocolate.

Onyx met me at the airport and two stops later (BevMo for booze and the Berkeley Bowl for appetizers) we were at their place where Mark was working on a weekend work disaster. Ah, the joys of a start-up.

A relaxing afternoon, but no nap.

Dinner finally hit around 8pm — and a stunning dinner it was made from stuff already in the fridge… scallops wrapped in bacon drizzled in a berre blanc sauce and carrots sauteed in butter, triple sec and chinese five spice. Yum, yum, yum.


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